Dark Souls Mouse Fix – Initial Reception and Update To Beta 1.1.2

The first release of version Beta 1.0 of the Dark Souls Mouse Fix had kind of a slow start on /r/pcgaming, and at first I was a little bit worried that it might get lost in the stream of news about Ryzen, GDC and Mass Effect: Andromeda. But after a few hours it really gained some traction, also thanks to some additional help from other people who spread the news around. Aside from the expected few people who expressed their disdain to even think about playing the Souls games with mouse and keyboard, the initial reaction was quite positive and it is always nice to see that you’ve helped people to enjoy a game more.

There also was valuable feedback for some problems that were not discovered during alpha testing. I did my best over the course the day to fix the ones that were most severe and updated the fix several times accordingly.


Beta 1.0

  • Initial public release

Beta 1.1

  • It is no longer possible to accidentally flip the camera and invert the input by looking too far up or too far down
  • The camera no longer suddenly jumps when exiting lock-on/focus mode
  • The mouse wheel can now correctly be bound to any standard action

Beta 1.1.1 – Hotfix

  • Reverts changes regarding the mouse wheel in the previous update, which introduced a bug that caused buttons and keys to not be usable as a hold

Beta 1.1.2 – Hotfix

  • The mouse wheel can now correctly be bound again to any standard action

This should bring the fix to a level on which it should be comfortable to play for most people.

I’ll definitively continue to work on it, as there are a ton of things that can be improved upon, especially regarding the GUI and implementing additional features, such as truly customizable keybindings, including modifier keys. I was also surprised to see people asking for Steam Controller support, because apparently the mouse fix improves the camera movement with it.

However, I cannot say how much time I can put into it in the next few weeks, because I have to take care of a few other pressing things first.

I’ll maybe write another update on unresolved issues and upcoming features, if people are interested.


One comment

  1. I’ve encountered a problem. it seems that I cant lock-on targets or reset camera doesnt work. the camera dont turn the whole way when I try to reset the camera. :(

    downloaded your update. the GUI for the fix works now though :)


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