Dark Souls Mouse Fix – Update to Beta 1.2

I just updated the fix to a new version:

Beta 1.2 change log:

  • Added option to bind movement to the config. These differ on a technical level from those in the ingame settings (see Configuration for details)
  • Disabled hardware acceleration for the GUI to avoid conflicts with post-processing injectors such as ReShade or SweetFX
  • It is now possible to resize the GUI in vertical direction to use it with low-resolution displays
  • The GUI now groups options by category

Although I’m sure some people were hoping for something more impressive, the GUI changes were necessary to help people who previously could not really use the fix at all in the intended way.

However, the first point might be more interesting than it seems. There is an issue with the keyboard controls that has been in the game since launch. If the player runs diagonally and does not move the camera at the same time, the character might sometimes not roll in that direction, although the input is correctly performed. Although this problem can be mitigated by moving the camera, it can sometimes happen by accident, when you are not thinking about it. Now, the new keybindings to move the character differ on a technical level from those you can bind ingame and I could not reproduce the rolling problem with them, which was reliably possible with the standard controls. Some people also reported that the new bindings fix the problem of sometimes moving without input after exiting lock-on mode. They might also improve other things regarding the input.

However, further testing is needed before I can say that those problems are indeed gone and that there are no unwanted side-effects. If you try them out I would appreciate the feedback.



  1. what version do you have to get this fix to work? I have it cracked. I’ve tried 2 version but non work. Maybe it dont work with a cracked version?


    1. As specified by the documentation:

      “This fix only works with the latest, fully patched Steam version.

      Important: The fix relies on the layout of the executable. Older versions or ones that otherwise have been tempered with probably won’t work. This also means that if the game were to be patched — which is very unlikely at this point — it might break the fix and require it to be updated”

      So no, it does not work with with any version that differs from the latest Steam version.


      1. The effort of adding support for another version would depend on how different the two are. If they are very similar, it would not be that difficult to support the other one too. That being said, any additional version makes it more difficult to update the fix, because you have to test every one of them individually, to make sure that there are no problems.

        However, this is more a question of principle rather than feasibility. I do not want to dive too deep into a discussion about piracy, but you can get the first Dark Souls for literally 5 dollars on a sale. I do not think there is any need to support cracked versions, when you can get a legal copy of the game for a price less than a decent lunch.


      1. I downloaded DS from steam. But I get thrown out of the game at the loading screen.

        It shouldnt be a problem but I bought DS via a game digital key site. But it should be ok because its downloaded from steam right? so whats wrong?


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