Metro Mouse Fix

What is this?

This fix makes Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux use raw mouse input to solve the issue of different sensitivities for horizontal and vertical movement. It also changes the sensitivity range to more reasonable values. It is easy to install and use and does not require any external configuration.

You can download the fix from PC Gaming Wiki here.



Even though the mouse input in Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux is quite good, both games apply different sensitivities for vertical and horizontal movement. They also have sensitivity settings that are too high for some players who prefer slower movement.

This fix removes these problems by acquiring raw mouse input and injecting it directly into the game’s input function.


  • Raw mouse input
  • Same sensitivity in all directions
  • More reasonable sensitivity range
  • No additional smoothing or positive/negative mouse acceleration
  • Configuration via the ingame settings as usual
  • Simple installation and usage without any external configuration


Supported Versions

Important: This fix relies on the latest, fully patched executables of the supported versions. Older versions or ones that otherwise have been tempered with might not work.

The fix supports the following versions of Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux:

  • Steam/Retail
  • GOG


The fix does not make any permanent changes to the game or the system and can easily be removed (see below).

  1. Extract the file dinput8.dll to your main game folder*. For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Metro 2033 Redux\"
  2. Start the game like you would normally, for example directly through Steam or GOG Galaxy

See *Loading Other Fixes/Mods/Injectors for information on how to use the fix with another fix, mod or injector that uses a DLL file with the same name.


  1. Remove or rename the dinput8.dll from the folder of the game.

How To Use

After the installation the fix does not require any additional treatment. Just launch and configure the game as usual.

Loading Other Fixes/Mods/Injectors

To increase the compatibility with other fixes, mods or injectors that are also using a dinput8.dll, this fix offers a remote loading feature of additional DLLs. This can be done in two ways:

  • File method: The fix DLL will automatically load a DLL that has the same name as itself with the postfix _Remote added to it. For example dinput8_Remote.dll. Just rename the DLL file you want to load accordingly. This is the simplest way if you only have a conflict with one additional DLL
  • Folder method: The fix DLL will also automatically load all DLL files regardless of their name in a sub-directory that has the same name as itself with the postfix _Remote added to it. For example dinput8_Remote. Just create a folder with the corresponding name in the install directory of the fix. This is the only way to load multiple (conflicting) DLLs

Note that there might still be compatibility issues between the different fixes, mods or injectors that have nothing to do with the loading process.

Additional Information

What You Should Know

This fix is essentially a hack and relies on the layout of the specific executable. There may be crashes or unexpected issues. Feel free to provide feedback so that the problems can get fixed.

Since the fix consists of an executable DLL-File, I could have put any harmful shenanigans in there. You just have to trust me that the file is clean.

If you don’t — and why should you — feel free to use a meta online virus scanner like VirusTotal to verify the file. Be aware however, that because the fix uses “hacking techniques” such as injection and hooking, it could trigger anti-virus software without being harmful.

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues with the fix.


I would like to thank Magmarock (Steam/gog), who requested this fix and supported the development.

Contact And Support

If you like this fix and want to support the development or show your appreciation, you can find more information on my website. There you can also find out more about other fixes that I have done and means to contact me if you have a question, want to provide feedback, bug reports or suggestions.

Version History


  • The fix now respects the vertical inversion setting


  • The mouse modifier now works correctly with the weapon popup menu


  • Initial public release


    1. I just updated the fix to a new version to add support for the mouse inversion setting. Unfortunately this always makes the whole article on PC Gaming Wiki unavailable until the new version is approved by a mod. I will see if I can contact an admin to shorten the process.


  1. I wish you could revert the sensitivity range change… I wouldn’t consider the range change as a fix as it’s not practically a broken feature. Or is it? I dunno…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The goal was to adjust the range in such a way that it is about right for the majority of players. Unfortunately you have to make a decision on what that range is. When you have a slider without an option to enter precise numbers, you cannot make the range too big, because then it will not be precise enough for slower sensitivities. I tend to make the ranges a little smaller, because it is much easier to set higher ranges by adjusting the DPI settings of the mouse than the other way around. Additionally, very high sensitivity players are a minority.

      In the case of Metro, you could also try to adjust the sensitivity manually via the config file.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What’s the conversion for the new sens after using your fix? Because while this fix does equalize the x- and y- axes, it makes the mouse a lot slower.

        I was using sens 0.21186324 via the config file before, if it matters.


    1. The fix currently only supports the redux versions of the Metro games. It is possible that it works for the non-redux versions anyway, but it is not very likely and I have not tested it. But you could just try it yourself. The game should crash on start if it is not working with the fix.


  2. There is a bug, when you open the lighter/objectives (default bind M) and click RMB to see your ammo, it doesn’t respect the fix and the sensitivity reverts to its defaults, making it way to high while this is open.


    1. Hi there and thank you for the feedback. I will see if I can reproduce the issue on my end and fix it in the next update. However, I am not sure when I will have the time to work on it again.


    1. Hi there, as stated in the documentation, only the Steam and GOG/Retail versions are currently officially supported by the fix. This is also because I developed it a long time before the Epic Store opened.

      Usually I am always considering alternative platforms if there are requests for it. However, due to their business decisions, I am currently neither using nor supporting the Epic Games Store. So I am afraid, right now, if you want to use the mod, your only option is to get the game on Steam or GOG.

      When I update the fix to the new version of my hooking library, it might work on the Epic Games version regardless of official support. However, I am occupied with multiple other projects at the moment. So please don’t expect anything anytime soon.


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